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Suitor's Cremosa Bambina


ADGA #PD2107621

DOB: 2/10/2020

Color: Buckskin; brown eyes

Height: 20"

Accolades: 91% for milk production

LA Score: +VVV85 (FF SCORE)

Sire: Onaqui JSUN Neau Bueno

Sire's Sire: Sugar Moon Just So You Neau

Sire's Dam: Creamery Creek BZ Izadora

Dam: La Buena Vida SA Sarsaparilla

Dam's Sire: La Buena Vida BB Sharp Arrow

Dam's Dam: Twinklyn IF Key Largo

Milk Test Records

1st Lactation 2021: In Progress

Retained progeny

SunsetMountain Siciley

kidding history

1st- Buck/Doe Twins with Suitor's BM Barracuda

2nd- Buck/Doe Twins with Redstone Warlock Raynmaker

breeding Plans:

bambi will be bred next to:


Due Date: 02/23/2023


Progeny Pricing: $1000


First and second doe owner retained

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