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Florabella Grace

Milk Test Records

4th Lactation 2020: 112 DIM - 200 LBS - 15% BF -  8% PT

*Bella delivered early and was difficult to bring fully into milk*

Retained progeny

SunsetMountain Cream N Sugar

SunsetMountain Calcifer 

kidding history:

2017: Twin Bucks

2018: Buck/Doe Twins

2019: Two bucks, one doe triplets

2021: single buck, DOA

2022: Two bucks, one doe triplets


AGS #D91838

DOB: 2/5/2016

Color: Gold w/moon spots; brown eyes

Height: 21"

Show Wins: N/A

LA Score: VEEV89

Sire: Pecan Grove Caliente Galleta *S​

Sire's Sire: IronwoodRanch SJ Snickerdoodle *S​

Sire's Dam: Agape Oaks Fire Hazard 2*D


Dam: Blunderosa Abundant Grace​

Dam's Sire: Old Mountain Farm Zipcode *S​

Dam's Dam: Agape Oaks Amazing Grace *D

Breeding Plans:

Bella is bred to:

live wire

Due Date: 12/31/2022

Confirmed: 3/4

Progeny Pricing: $1000

Reservations: first and second doe retained

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