Milk Test Records

1st Lactation 2023:  

Retained progeny

We have no retained progeny at this time.

kidding history:



ADGA #Pending

DOB: 02/12/2022

Color: Gold and White; blue eyes.

Height: N/A

Show Wins: N/A

LA Score: N/A

Sire: La Buena Vida FM Caruva

Sire's Sire: SG RHV SMF Feldspar Matrix *B VEV88 

Sire's Dam: SG Agape Oaks M Golden Fire 3*M VEEE90


Dam: Creosote Ranch GJ Juniper 1*M AR

Dam's Sire: La Buena Vida SC Gentleman Jack

Dam's Dam: La Buena Vida FM Autumn

breeding plans:

Isla will be bred next to:

Live Wire

Due Date: Spring 2023


progeny pricing: $550

reservations: None

info about her:

Cassia is a wonderful addition to our herd. Her dam has a fantastic udder- both beautiful and productive. She has some of the best teat placement we've had on the farm, and it looks like Cassia is built very similarly. I'm expecting Caruva to have upped production a bit, otherwise I'm hoping for a carbon copy of her dam.