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Dark Wood Panels

Nigerian Dwarf

Dairy Goats located in

Queen Creek, Arizona



About Our Farm:

We are a family run dairy located in Queen Creek, Arizona. We are proud to be enrolled with ADGA Plus, take part of Dairy Herd Improvement (DHI), show in ADGA sanctioned rings, and participate in Linear Appraisals (LA) yearly when offered. Participation in these programs we feel ensures that we are breeding structurally appropriate, healthy, and productive livestock. All breeding age goats (including dry yearlings) have tested negative for CAE, Johnes, and CL in June of 2024. 

When talking to different breeders of Nigerian Dwarf Goats, there will be traits that are focused on more or less heavily. At Sunset Mountain Farm, our "ideal" doe would milk for 18+ months, have steady milk solids, and produce 3lbs+ during that time consistently. All the while, maintain structural integrity during her whole breeding career, effortlessly maintaining health, and kidding easily. 


Now, we don't assume all goats on our property hold up to that exact "ideal' at this very moment. Hopefully, by blending in and balancing all the different strengths within each of our goats we will look forward in the future and have produced a strong, productive line of our own.

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