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Shipping Information:

at the moment:

We only currently allow ground shipping on our goats. Ground shipping may take longer, but they are usually in a climate controlled environment with unlimited hay, water, or milk. Ground shippers will transport earlier than air shipping and they are usually familiar with bottle feeding, milking, and the care of goats of all stages of life. Air shipping leaves our animals at the mercy and experience of the airport staff, there are lots of temperature restrictions for Arizona, and it isn't as easy to arrange during our kidding seasons.

If you would like to ground ship a goat of ours to you, reach out the shipper first, get ahold of our farm and let us know you are confirming transportation, then place deposits for the shipper and the goat on our farm. Shippers usually cost between $300-$400 for one animal (discounts for multiple), and they usually like $50-$100 upfront- the rest due at pickup. Our deposits are half down of the total purchase price, the rest due at pickup. We will hold our baby goats until weaning age if needed for transport. Confirmed transport must be arranged in order to hold past our normal 2 to 3 week time frame. You will need to pay for a CVI (Certified Veterinary Inspection) prior to shipping so that the animal can be cleared for travel. A CVI will also helps show you the animal was in perfect condition upon leaving, so you can be assured you have a healthy animal coming your way. CVI's cost around $100, I will contact the vet and give you an exact amount. Each state requires different tests for transport so everything is calculated on a case by case basis.

The companies I have listed below are currently active as of June 2023 and I've either used or someone I know highly recommended them: 

Nigerian Goat express transport

Dave has been hauling and transporting for many years for the Nigerian Dwarf breeders all throughout The United States. I have not heard any negative feedback from him, he hauls all ages and stages in his van and is known to take phenomenal care of the goats. Contact him directly for routes.

Premier hauling service llc

Joe has hauled for us in the past, and has a beautiful and clean rig. He can haul large numbers of animals at a time if needed. Last I heard he does not like to feed bottle babies, and prefers weaned babies to adults. This isn't a problem for our farm. We will work around his schedule if you pick him. He has an active Facebook page and posts routes on there often.

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