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Bottle Feeding Information:

bottle feeding questions answered:

These specific practices have worked for our farm over the years. Please consult a licensed veterinarian if you would like help developing a health plan and practice for your own herd.

Why bottle feed?

There's many different reasons why we bottle feed. It ultimately accumulates to easier management, better health for the dam, and better care for the babies.

What schedule are the babies on?

Birth to Week One- Babies are assessed by weight at birth. The first colostrum comes from their dam and babies are fed 5ish times a day. 

Week Two to Week 4- As long as babies are strong, bottles are at 3 times a day and most babies go to their new homes.

Week 5 to Week 8- Babies are learning to eat hay and bottles are dropped to 2 times a day.

Week 8+- One bottle a day, until I want to wean them entirely. Babies grow fast and strong on extended bottle feeding schedules. Babies that stay here are on one bottle a day for 3+months.

What do I feed the babies?

Babies are all fed raw, whole goat milk on our farm. You are welcome to purchase more milk for your babies from me if you live close. Most of our customers buy whole cow milk from the grocery store for their babies. Both options are completely fine! Cow milk has less fat and will keep the babies full for less time, but it's absolutely fine for raising babies. ABSOLUTELY *NO* powdered milk replacer ever.

How much milk do you feed?

Babies should be fed by weight. The following chart is what usually happens here. If you are unsure of what to feed, consult a vet.

Week One- 3oz a feeding

Week Two- 5oz a feeding

Week Three- 8/10oz a feeding

Week Four- 10/12oz a feeding

Week Five +- 16oz a feeding

Do you warm the milk?

Yes. Bottles are always at least room temperature. We milk in the morning and feed warm milk. Then milk again in the afternoon and feed warm milk again. If anyone is on lunch bottles, its leftover room temperature milk from the morning milking.

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