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Sales Policy and
Terms of Sale:


If you place a deposit on a goat we will arrange a day for pickup. If you are unable to pick up at the time agreed upon, additional boarding fees will be added at $3 per day.

If I am unable to contact you using all the tools I can feasibly find at 2 weeks past the agreed upon date, the animal will be forfit and the deposit paid will be lost.


Deposits are required on each goat for sale to ensure that you have a vested interest in purchasing and providing for that animal. All deposits are half of the total purchase price. If for some reason you put a deposit down on a goat but do not pick it up, the deposit is non-refundable. Deposits can be transferred to another animal if there is another animal left for purchase.


Our farm gets first priority in kidding season on all kids. Reservations are free of charge, and can be used to secure a deposit after birth.


For example, if you are looking for a doeling from Doe A and Buck C and place a reservation on a doeling, you will have second pick after the farm chooses a kid to retain (if we want to). After selecting your kid, you would place a deposit and the other kids would be made available to the general public.


All transportation is the buyers responsibility. Our animals can be shipped out of state at the buyer's arrangement and expense. Ground shipment is usually around $300 and vet exams in our area are around $75.

Disbudding Policy

All kids born will be born polled (naturally hornless) or disbudded at two weeks old. If you want a horned goat, the FULL amount of the goat must be paid for before 2 weeks of age.

Multiple Goats

Please understand, that goats are a herd animal. You must currently own or have deposits down on other goats in order for me to agree to send my goats home with you. If you are new to goats, you do NOT need to buy two from me, but you must prove you have bought another or have another already. If I do not have another goat available, or you do not want the options I have, please ask for referrals for different farms. There are quite a few fantastic breeders close to me. Generally speaking, finding another one is not difficult for me to track down.


All goats will be registered online through the ADGA and the registration will be shipped to your home after the complete payment has been made and the goat is in its new home. If you do not have a registered herd name with ADGA I will order the registration in my herd name and it will be able to be transferred to you. 


We do guarantee the health of all animals once a deposit has been received and the animal is still in our care. If a death occurs or injury sustained while in our care, we will pay the veterinary fees. In the even of a death, the deposit can be refunded or transferred to another available animal.


Once you have sent a full payment and the animal is in your home we do not assume any liability for injury or death. The facility the animal is housed in, management style, and general health understanding varies so much from farm to farm. We cannot guarantee anything we do not have control over. 


Our goal in placing animals in new homes is to make sure the animal can have a healthy, active, and productive life. While we cannot make any guarantees, we absolutely will do our best to help you care for your animals. Please feel free to contact us with questions and concerns as soon as you notice something is off. We will do everything in our power to teach, empower, and encourage your understanding if it is needed. 


We do not guarantee the productivity of any animal born on our farm. We also cannot guarantee any Linear Appraisal scores, DHI data, or Show wins. Our goal is to always be improving our herd, and making the best quality animals that we can. Genetics are always a gamble though, and nothing can be certain. The most effective way to predict an animals productivity is to look at direct relatives. Please understand though, that nothing can be certain with each animal. So many aspects of productivity lie in the management and health of each animal.

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