Bella Luna
Hays sylvie

Milk Test Records

1st Lactation 2023

Retained progeny

We have no retained progeny at this time.

kidding history:




DOB: 02/22/21

Color: Buckskin; Brown Eyes

Height: 20"

Show Wins: N/A

LA Score: N/A

Sire: La Buena Vida P Candyman +B

Sire's Sire: La Buena Vida FM Pinfire

Sire's Dam: La Buena Vida IF Laurel 3*M


Dam: Bella Luna Hays Ella Marina 2*M

Dam's Sire: Castle Rock Beloved Sun *B

Dam's Dam: Bella Luna Hays Amaya 1*M

breeding plans:

Sylvie will be bred next to:


Due Date:


progeny pricing: $500

reservations: None

info about her:

Sylvie is an absolute Gem. Body style wise, she takes a lot after her sire. She's got a rocking front end, and hopefully on her FF her udder will look similar to her dam. Personality wiseshe's such a sweet girl and we are so happy to have her work here.